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Interactive Bathroom Planner

I went into the local Reece Bathroom showroom this morning to pick up their Autumn Sale Catalogue because my dad will be renovating our bathroom. Whilst I was there I also picked up a flyer that directed me to the Reece online Bathroom Planner. I've just had a play with the Macromedia Flash based planner and it's very comprehensive. It lists the products available at Reece and where it can be placed in the dimensions of your bathroom (perfectly to scale mind you). I'm wondering if it is linked to the Flash file as part of a database system? Any thoughts on this would be great.
This is a great tool for tradesmen and renovators to design and plan their bathroom without having to go to the drawing board. I'm sure my dad is going to love this tool!
To have a play of this planner go to and click on the bathroom planner button at the top right hand corner.


B. Dazzla said…
Yes we have quoted on creating similar applications in the past, like a backyard planner, etc. A few of us here had a look at the Reece planner and agree it's pretty cool.

The Reece one looks like it might be static content all manually built in Flash, but I think tying in to a database with dynamic content would add a lot more value, both to the user and to Reece. The user would benefit by knowing the items in the planner are current, and the app could even show the prices so users could plan their bathrooms according to a budget as well as the physical constraints. Reece would benefit from it because they could update the catalogue themselves immediately through an admin interface, rather than paying the development company for every update and then waiting for the work to be completed.

You can use Flash's XML.load and other XML functions to load in all this content dynamically. It's a little technical but very powerful.

So cool that you're getting your bathroom re-done! :)

And nice job on the new blog by the way...

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